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Phentermine Diet Pills

The Lowdown on Phentermine Diet Pills

Phentermine diet pills are prescription weight loss drugs that are used by individuals who are very obese in order to help them to lose the extra weight that is either increasing their risk of additional health problems, or causing them to suffer from them already.  These medical issues may include high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.  This drug is not meant for individuals who are seeking only a small amount dieting. 

To discover what you need to know about Phentermine diet pills before you take them, make sure that you get to know their history, the way they function, their benefits, and their drawbacks.  All of these issues should be discussed with your doctor before you fill the prescription.

Phentermine Diet Pills

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To start, you should know that Phentermine diet pills are a type of drug that is known as an anorexiant.  This means that it works to suppress the appetite so that you will feel less hungry between meals, you won’t suffer from cravings, and you will feel more satisfied by smaller amounts of food.  It was originally sold as a combination drug that was highly popular called fen-phen.  Though this was very effective, it was eventually taken off the market as its users sometimes developed serious health issues such as pulmonary problems and heart disease.  It was soon discovered that this problem was related only to the “fen” part of this medication, which was its fenfluramine. 

That said, the Phentermine diet pills were found to be unrelated to those issues and are still highly popular today for their effective results.  They are sold as a generic or under other brand names such as Adipex, Adipex-P, or Lonamin.  It functions by suppressing the appetite through an affect that it has on neurotransmitters, which are chemicals within the brain that help it to communicate with itself or with other parts of the body.  It is designed to be used as a part of a short-term weight loss program so that the struggles of dieting can be minimized and the right lifestyle habits – a proper meal and exercise plan – be developed with greater ease.

Phentermine diet pills can give people who are struggling with obesity with an important advantage in jumpstarting their dieting efforts.  It decreases the hunger pangs so that it is easier to eat smaller amounts of food and cut back on snacking, while it also boosts energy levels which means that even though they’re eating less, it is still possible to exercise without fatigue.  Moreover, the energy boost is also a great way to keep motivated throughout the weight loss program.

It should be noted that there are some side effects that are associated with Phentermine diet pills, and that it should only be used over the short term as there is a risk of addiction.


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