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Do Hoodia Diet Pills Really Help With Weight Loss?

Hoodia diet pills have received a tremendous amount of attention over the last few years, as weight loss product manufacturing companies have attempted to build hype over this exotic ingredient.  This extract is from a plant similar to a cactus that grows in the semi-deserts of Angola, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

If you have been in the market for supplements that help with weight loss, then there is little chance that you will not have heard of hoodia diet pills.  However, as easy as they are to find, what is not as simple to discover is whether or not they are actually effective at helping to shed those extra pounds on their own or as a part of a weight loss program.

Much of the popularity of hoodia diet pills comes from the claims of people living in and around the Kalahari desert, who have traditionally used this plant to help minimize the sensation of hunger and thirst during long travel and hunting trips through the desert.  The stem of this plant has been used for thousands of years, regardless of its bitter flavour.

The plant, known as hoodia gordonii, which are used as the ingredient in hoodia diet pills, is often referred to as a cactus.  In truth, it is a succulent that simply resembles a cactus, and which grows in groupings of upright green stems.  There are more than thirteen varieties of the plant, from which pale purple flowers can be harvested only once every five years.  Among them, there is only one form – the gordonii variety – which contains the p57 steroidal glycoside which is actually known to produce the effects to which the desert bushmen refer from their traditional use.

Unfortunately, it is very expensive to harvest this specific type of extract for hoodia diet pills, to ensure that p57 is a part of the formula.  For this reason, many manufacturers of these products will use a different form of hoodia, a lower grade of the gordonii, or a tiny fraction of the amount of the right extract that is required, to be able to offer their products at a much lower price. 

This means that even if you are buying hoodia diet pills that guarantee that they use a pure version of the plant, even in its gordonii variety, it is very rare to actually obtain a product that contains the p57 that is needed and in adequate quantities to actually generate the desired results.



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