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What are Adipex Diet Pills?

Adipex diet pills are a type of weight loss drug that is a brand name version of the popular generic form, Phentermine. 

Adipex diet pills are available in two different formats, the capsule and the tablet.  The tablets are oblong shape and white in color, with the label “ADIPEX-P” as well as “9” debossed into them.  Each tablet is scored and are sold in bottles in quantities of thirty.

Adipex Weight Loss Pills

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The capsule form is also an oblong, but is an opaque white on one half and bright blue on the other.  The label “ADIPEX-P” is imprinted onto the outside of the capsule, with the strength, such as “37.5” also printed on the blue side.  It also features two dark blue stripes around the centre divide point of the two different colors.  They are sold in bottles in quantities of one hundred.

Adipex diet pills are prescription drugs that are used for weight loss among people who are obese and who need to drop excessive pounds in order to decrease their risk of certain health conditions.  Its primary function is as an appetite suppressant, but it also features other benefits such as providing an energy boost. 

Though Adipex diet pills are extremely helpful in promoting weight loss, they are not designed to be used all on their own.  Instead, they should be combined with a healthy nutritious diet and proper daily exercise.  Your doctor will likely discuss these issues with you when the prescription is initially made and throughout the use of the drug, during which regular doctor’s appointments will be held to monitor your progress and make sure that it is indeed the appropriate option for your needs and expectations.

Adipex diet pills are meant for individuals who require serious weight loss in order to ensure that they can continue to be healthy, or to improve their health if they are experiencing complications relating to their obesity, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.  This is not an appropriate medication for individuals simply seeking a small amount of cosmetic weight loss.  One of the factors that determines the candidacy of an individual to use this prescription drug is that he or she must have a BMI of 27 or higher.

Though Adipex diet pills are not for everyone, for many, they are a highly effective drug that can assist in making their efforts to lose weigh by eliminating many of the challenges such as hunger pangs or fatigue.



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